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Becoming an Avon Representative

Join our team and you will be joining one of the most successful teams of

Independent Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders in the UK.

Avon will supply you with eveything that you need to get you started and you will be able to chose one of four starter kits containing products and samples that will 'kit start your business'. 

You will be provided with a free, fully supported online store with your own unique web address. This also includes free to use advertising and videos that you can share on all of your social media. See this video here for an example.

You will also have a link to the current Avon Brochure that can be shared on messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


AVON advertise their products on TV so you benefit from national advertising


You will be selling high quality, great value products backed by a no quibble guarantee.


You will have access to incentive programs that Avon run for representatives with some fabuous rewards.


The amount of money you can earn as an independent AVON Representative really does depend on you, the more customers you serve the more you earn.


You can also chose to become a Sales Leader and build a team of representatives yourself and that is another way to earn more for yourself.


YOU CAN EARN UP TO 25% cash discount selling products to family, friends or simply showing brochures at your place of work.


You can sell to anyone in your local area by canvassing local streets to find homes that do not already have an Avon Representative if you have more time and would like to earn more money.


We will provide support for you through your Sales Leader to help and advise you how to increase your earnings.


There are 17 campaigns a year that's 17 pay days.


For more information just complete your contact details on the More Information page and we will contact you and discuss the opportunity in more detail.



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