Avon Starter Kits

Avon provide tools to help you get your business up and

running quickly with a choice of "starter Kits".

Option 1 - you’ll get a kit of amazing products, check out the full selection below!* Your kit will come with brochures, order forms and brochure bags – but if you want the products only, this kit will be reduced in price.

Option 2 - receive a True Perfectly Matte Lipstick. You’ll also be able to choose whether you want brochures, order forms and brochure bags.

These start at £9.00 (without Brochures) and will usually be delivered to you within 2 working days.

While you wait for your delivery you can set up your personal Avon Store to sell across the whole of the UK with Avon delivering direct to your customers. You will start to earn from your first order.

You can also instantly sell through the Digital Brochure on Social Media such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Customers can order from these brochures for delivery direct from Avon or for you to deliver in your local area.

What are your choices of Sales Tools? 

  • Brochures for your first campaign
  • 50   Brochure bags
  • 100   Customer Order Forms

Welcome Kit with 10 Brochures £10                                             

 Without Brochures  £9

Ultimate Welcome Kit with 20 Brochures £30   

Without Brochures  £28 

* Avon reserve the right to change these products for an alternative of the same or higher value