Avon Starter Kits

You can earn up to 30% on Brochure Sales

Avon provide tools to help you get your business up and running quickly in the form of one of three "starter Kits". These start at £15 and will usually be delivered to you within 2 working days.

While you wait for your delivery you can set up your personal Avon Store to sell across the whole of the UK with Avon delivering direct to your customers. You will still earn from these orders.

You can also instantly sell through the Instant Brochure on Social Media such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Customers can order from these brochures for delivery direct from Avon or for you to deliver in your local area.

With the "Advanced Kit" you will receive 25 full sized products, 75 Samples, a branded business bag and a choice of sales tools and brochures. The total value of these products is over £270. If you are planning to hold a party or demonstarte products online this kit might be the perfect one for you. An investment of £90 delivers three times the cost in excellent  products.

With the "Essentials Kit" you will receive 8 full sized products, 30 Samples, a branded shopping bag and a choice of sales tools and brochures. The total value of these products is over £90. Perfect as a low cost starter kit for your business. You could easlily spend three times this on setting up your own professional looking e comerce web site, and you are getting one for free - not to speak of the £90 worth of products that is included in the kit.

What are your choices of Sales Tools? 

The third Kit is your "Starter Kit" and consists of the Sales Tools you get for free with the other two kits. 

It includes

20   Brochures for your first campaign

50   Brochure bags

20   Canvassing cards

50   Customer Order Forms

100 Calling Cards

A ring sizer

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